Holy Rosary Summer Social

Holy Rosary Summer Social bilingual header

JUNE 2, 3 & 4, 2022
THU, 5-9PM / FRI & SAT, 5-10PM

After a two-year absence, the Holy Rosary Summer Social returned 
featuring rides, games, food and fun for the whole family!


Many have asked about the Summer Social. How did we do? Did we do better than the last time?
We couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was just perfect. We had volunteers help from all across the Parish.
It was a great time to see people we haven’t seen for a while, hang out and catch up on what is happening.
For me, this is the most important part–catching up and having fun.
You could feel the comradery with all the people who worked.
Did we make any money? We will know more in a few weeks
and we will get that information out as soon as it is available.
Who won the money? See below.
Joe Holtz, Parish Manager


We're grateful for the MANY volunteers who helped make our social a success!!
Here are several of them while getting their areas ready before the social began.


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Grand Prize Winner: Mark Montrastelle - Summer Social - Holy Rosary

Mark Montrastelle won the Grand Prize
Cathy Basham won $3000
Tim Mahoney won $2000

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our Car/Cash Raffle and Quilt Raffle.
Learn also about our Chance/Silent Auction
License #001299


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