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OUR MISSIONHoly Rosary Health Ministry

Holy Rosary's Health Ministry engages registered professional nurses, along with other healthcare and lay volunteers, who are committed to the church's mission of fostering wellness and increasing the caring aspects of the parish's diverse community, in which they work to enhance the well-being of parishioners.


Our Health Ministry Team is comprised of 2 doctors, 10 RNs, 2 LPNs and 5 lay parishioners. These team members play an important role in reaching out to fulfill our mission through functioning as health educators, resource and referral persons, teachers of lay volunteers and developers of support/self-help groups.

CONTACT:  Linda Austin, our Parish Nurse Associate*: email or phone at 812-477-8923 x 420.
                   Her regular office hours in the Parish Office are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



  • Health Presentions - Information is shared online (during the pandemic), covering a myriad of topics related to health issues. Contact the Health Ministry office for current and upcoming topics.
  • Health Resource Library - Handouts are available on a wide variety of health topics by request through our Health Ministry office.
  • Referrals to Social & Health Agencies - Information and linkage to area agencies, parishes and other providers may be obtained through our Health Ministry office.
  • Blood Pressure Screenings - Individuals may schedule a blood pressure check with our Health Ministry office.
  • Red Cross Blood Drives - Typically, in January and July each year, we host an American Red Cross blood drive at Holy Rosary in the Parish Hall. Donors must sign up through the Red Cross website to schedule a donation. Read more at hrparish.org/blooddrive.

Due to the pandemic, these programs and events have been suspended.

  • Health News Board - Monthly educational information is posted on a Healthy Ministry bulletin board in the vestibule.
  • First Aid Station - Health Ministry Team members set up during parish events where a first aid station is required.
  • Health & Wellness Fairs - These are educational events that are held on our campus to promote the well-being of parishioners. Area health providers are invited to share information and services on site.
  • Caregivers Program - This educational and supportive program is for small groups of individuals who are dealing with the ongoing care of a loved one.
First Aid Station - Summer Social 2019First Aid Station - Summer Social 2019


  • Online Training & Discussions - Through these opportunities our Health Ministry Team members keep up with current health matters.
  • Church Relations Council: Whole Church Health Teamlet - Health Ministry Team members and partners from throughout the Archdiocese, with the support of Ascension St. Vincent, meet online to discuss health issues. The Council's aim is to engage parish representatives to help build partnerships to improve the overall health of the neighboring parishes.


Find useful tips and educational information for enhancing your well-being. Visit hrparish.org/healthresources.


*Please Note: The parish nurse is not a substitute for community health and social agencies. The person in this position does not administer medication, draw blood or other invasive procedures. The parish nurse does not reject medical science, but works to enhance health in partnership with medical science.