Grief Support

Grief has included, and not been limited to, the loss of precious time with family members and friends, and the deaths of loved ones—some who were isolated from us. Grief has accumulated in the absence of shared prayer at Mass under the same roof here at the parish. Too many people have lost their jobs and financial security or meaningful relationships and a sense of dignity.

Our aim is to shape our grief support opportunities to bring some hope and healing grace as we learn to grieve gracefully. Let us support one another in the process!

Grief Support Luncheon

You're invited to join others who are also dealing with grief and loss. We’ll gather for a simple meal, time of prayer and conversation lead by Sr. Mary and Linda Austin. Linda and Sr. Mary encourage you to join others on a similar life journey. The reverent listening and acceptance of one another is a great blessing in your healing process.

DATES: usually 3rd Wednesdays, except July
TIME: 11:30am-1:00pm
WHERE: Parish Hall (Door #10)

Your registration is helpful, so we know for how many meals to prepare.
Please RSVP by 12:00noon on the Monday before the luncheon
PHONE: Parish Office at 812-477-8923
EMAIL:  Sr. Mary x 242 or Linda x 420 (Click on name to send a message.)

Supportive Visits

For those, who would find group meetings too difficult, feel free to call the office and set up a time to visit with either Sr. Mary or 812-477-8923 x 242 or Linda or call 812-477-8923x 420.

Grief Retreat

The day is contemplative in nature and focuses on Grieving Gracefully in a COVID World. It seems fair to say that all of us have suffered some form of grief during this COVID time and that it would be wise of us to reach out for help. Whatever your grief or loss ... no matter if recent or some while back, you are welcome! CLICK HERE for more information.