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We partner with our Twinning Parish, Notre Dame de la Nativite, to keep the Catholic faith alive on the Island de la Tortue, Haiti, through our support of the ministries of Haitian Priests and Sisters.


The island stretches for 20 miles. Because of the location of this Island from the north shore of Port de Paix, it is a tremendous undertaking to travel to the island.

Times are extremely difficult for them. Everything must be brought out to the island, which means they must pay for someone to transport food, clothing, housing and parish materials, etc. The priests must pay for transportation to and from the mainland to the island.

The priests on the Island de la Tortue do not receive a salary from the Diocese of Port de Paix. The villages on the Island are quite poor, so it is extremely important that the priests receive our assistance.


Holy Rosary provides money to feed the priests and sisters, transporting goods across the ocean channel, and using money to maintain the church, living quarters for the priest and a building that serves as their Parish Hall. We entrust the Pastors of the churches to use our donations where needed.
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Holy Rosary parishioners have generously supported our Twinning Parish for over 16 years. Since our commitment to help Notre Dame de la Nativite, two more parishes were started on the island by the Diocese of Port de Paix, Haiti. As of 2019, the other two parishes, St. Theresa and Sacred Heart, had no churches twinned to them.

Notre Dame de la Nativite has a new Haitian priest, Fr. Wilson Ellucien. The neighboring hospital has a new Haitian priest, Fr. Emanes Lauriston. Both are both newly ordained priests.

We routinely send $4,000 quarterly to the pastor of Nativite. He has been sharing our donation with the other two parishes, one on the east end and one on the western end of the Island. He gives $600 to each of the other priests pastoring at the other two parish churches. He still gives the medical sisters $500 to help buy medicines for the little hospital on the Island. That leaves approximately $2,300 for our twinning parish to use. This must last them for 3 months.

God bless our faithful people who pray and provide for all those in need.


Through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas, our parish is connected with a parish in Haiti. The PTPA notes, “The parishes develop a mutual and enriching relationship of sharing, solidarity and understanding. Parishes in the U.S. often raise funds and send resources to their twin parish and help with various special projects. Twin parishes in the US visit their sister parishes abroad on fact-finding trips, med mission trips, project trips, and other related trips. Since 1978, our parishes have sent well over 50 million dollars in aid to impoverished church communities in Haiti.”

"Every twinning relationship is unique and different. It is a parish-to-parish endeavor based on the needs and assets of both parishes. It is a very personal relationship enriched by visits, ongoing communication and a mutual commitment to understand one another and work together."

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Greetings to All of You!
I trust that you have been experiencing the same emotional feelings that I have over the course of the last three years, and even more so this past year. This deep, profound sadness for the people of Haiti has been overwhelming as conditions have deteriorated day by day. In the past 43 years that I have been traveling to Haiti, never in all that time, have I seen such desperation culminate in so much chaos and suffering.

Our Haiti Director & Coordinator, Bertony Domond, reminds me constantly how impossible life has been. A gallon of gas is now $30 USD or more while very little is available. Grocery stores are practically empty, and the price of rice & beans and other foodstuffs have skyrocketed. An epidemic of kidnappings—whose victims have included 17 missionaries—from rampant criminal gangs have literally shut the country down. Last week, a pediatric hospital, Hospice Saint Damien, came perilously close to losing many patients because of a lack of fuel; that is, until the gangs finally relented and allowed some fuel to get to the hospitals. The government has been inept and the police are outmanned and outgunned. A devastating earthquake in the south in August also helped to accelerate Haiti into free fall. It has truly been a descent into hell with the gangs ruling the day.

In spite of this horrifying picture, I do see a glimmer of light and the promise of hope…in you and in so many parishes. I am heartened by your continual financial support and words of encouragement and kindness for your sister parish. All we can do in this moment and time, is let them know that we sympathize, we understand and we still care for them. The tragedy that has unfolded in Haiti will be forgotten by many, but your concern and, most of all, your prayers will give them strength, courage and renewed hope.

We thank all of you for your recent gifts and for helping us to continue this vital and important work. It is through your prayers, your gifts and your kindnesses, that we are able to feed and clothe the Christ who dwells in the poor and oppressed of Haiti. And, it is your support and your love that encourages us and helps us to find the strength to carry on. For this, we offer you our deep gratitude and love, and we pray that the blessings of Christmas will be yours always.

With Peace & Gratitude,
Theresa Patterson
Parish Twinning Program of the Americas



Prayers are the most powerful gift that a person can give to the Haitians.
We need to continue praying for peace and order to be restored to the Haitian nation.


  • Use the Yellow Envelope earmarked for “Haiti” to designate your giving through offering at Mass.
  • Give Online: Click here to choose a recurring or one-time donation.

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The informational links below are connected to PDF documents compiled by Parish Twinning Program of the Americas.


Contact the parish office (812-477-8923).


Father Wilsonne Elucien shared photos from a youth retreat held February 25 - March 2, 2022, at the parish of St Therese of Montry.

Haiti Retreat 2022 Haiti Retreat 2022
Haiti Retreat 2022 Haiti Retreat 2022
Haiti Retreat 2022 Haiti Retreat 2022