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Guide to Selecting Songs and Readings for a Funeral Mass

While one of our clergy or parish staff will be assisting a bereaved family with the planning of the funeral Mass for their loved one, we have provided basic information and a list of songs and readings here that may be of help when making those choices.


You will need to choose 3 readings:

  1. ONE from Old Testament
  2. ONE from New Testament
  3. ONE from the Books of the Gospels in the New Testament

Readings may be done by family members or friends, or the parish will provide a lector to read them.

Follow this link for Suggested Readings.

If you have any questions about the scripture selections, please contact Fr. Bernie Etienne (email) or Linda Austin (email) or call 812-477-8923.


You will need to make 5 choices:

  1. Opening Song
  2. Responsorial Psalm
  3. Offertory Song
  4. Communion Song
  5. Closing Song

The songs are taken from the Breaking Bread missal, which is used for all parish liturgies, including funerals. Led by a parish-approved cantor and accompanist, the funeral songs are meant to be sung by the congregation, so that all present may participate in a very important part of the funeral liturgy: sung prayer.

Follow this link for Suggested Songs.

If you have any questions about the music selections, please contact Nancy Mills, Director of Music, at 812-477-8923 or email.