Parish Mission

Parish Mission 2022 - Holy Rosary

Sunday - Tuesday, October 23 - 25, 2022
6:30 - 8:00pm
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
1301 S Green River Rd, Evansville


Each night Deacon Keith Strohm will present a thought-provoking message that will hopefully challenge us to Live Our Faith in the World. He’ll guide us  in a three-evening reflection of God's amazing love for us, which penetrates our sins and empowers us by the Holy Spirit to be Children of God.

SUNDAY   The Father's Delight

What if you didn’t have to earn God’s love? What if performance had nothing to do with salvation? In this engaging talk, Deacon Keith explores the reality of the Father’s love for each of us. We were created for an eternal life filled with peace, joy, freedom, and communion with God and each other. Using Scripture, Tradition and personal stories seasoned with a dose of humor, this presentation will draw you closer to the Father’s Heart—which beats for you. 
          EVENING INCLUDES: Childcare during & a Cookie Reception afterward
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MONDAY  Breaking the Power of Sin

“Jesus died for our sins.” We may hear that a lot, but what does it mean that God’s Son gave His life for you and me? In this powerful talk, Deacon Keith explores the mystery of sin and the Father’s response in Jesus Christ. How does the Cross set us free? Is the Cross simply a declaration of our sinfulness, or does it reveal something deeper—something essential for us to know about who we are? Why does it matter that Christ rose from the dead? Using his own unique style, Deacon Keith makes this central movement of the Christian faith accessible and the person of Jesus real for every listener. 
          EVENING INCLUDES: Reconciliation afterward
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TUESDAY   Unleashing the Spirit

The Lord frees us from the power of sin and death so that we might live in the fullness of His life—a life for which we were originally created. Peace, joy, freedom, holiness, intimacy and love, integrity, fruitfulness, mercy, healing—these are all hallmarks of the Kingdom life we receive from Jesus, and they come to us through the gift of His Holy Spirit in Baptism. In this engaging talk, Deacon Keith, explores what it means to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit and shares how to unleash that Spirit for our sake and the sake of the world!
        EVENING INCLUDES: 5:00-5:45pm - Reconciliation & 6:00pm - Mass
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Deacon Keith StrohmDeacon Keith Strohm is the former Director of the Office for the New Evangelization and a deacon for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Deacon Keith has extensive experience in creating and sustaining processes and programs of evangelization and formation at the group, parish and diocesan level that focus on the making, maturation and missioning of disciples of Jesus Christ. A sought-after international speaker and conference keynote, he has helped tens of thousands of men and women hear the Gospel message and encounter the mercy, love and power of Jesus Christ. Deacon Keith is also the Executive Director of M3 Ministries (m3catholic.com) and a contributing author, along with six other collaborators, with Sherry Weddell for the book Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples--a follow-up to the bestselling book, Forming Intentional Disciples.

Deacon Keith has published five other books—Jesus: The Story You Thought You Knew, a proclamation of the Good News, The 10 Biggest Lies of the Enemy and How to Combat Them, Ablaze: 5 Essential Paradigm Shifts for Parish Renewal, Getting More Out of Lent and the upcoming Getting More Out of Your Child’s First Communion.

In 2019, he created and launched the Missionary Leadership Academy, which provides online community, support, training and formation to equip ordinary Catholics to transform their ministry, parish, and diocese.

You can follow him on Twitter (@KeithStrohm) and Instagram (@dcn_keith).