Lazarus/Samaritan Group

The Lazarus/Samaritan Group is a support organization for the sick, dying or bereaved. Many times the sick or bereaved feel disconnected with the Church at precisely the moment they are in the most need. The Lazarus/Samaritan Group attempts to diffuse that disconnect. We let them know that the Church has not forgotten them in their suffering, just as God has not forgotten them.

The major goal of the group is to connect with the sick of our parish. Our efforts center around contact with the sick and those not currently able to come to Mass. We deliver the Eucharist, both with the sacramental body of our Lord and with the smiling face of an eager volunteer, a living breathing cell of the mystical body of Christ.

There are other activities to help heal this tendency for disconnect. We monitor the local hospitals and the local nursing homes. We send cards to the sick and bereaved. We have prayer services for our dead and their families.

It could be said that we pray for our people with our hearts and our feet.