A Message from Father Bernie

Dear Friends,

While all of you gather for Mass this weekend, I am somewhere off the grid on North Bay, Quetico Provincial Park, celebrating Mass with the campers in our group under the cover of a pine forest.  In my book, a beautiful cathedral.  Please know that our parishioners will be the intention of the Mass we celebrate.

Persistent questions about our current construction project and the projected completion compel me to share the following.  We are about a month behind schedule.  The delay is primarily related to weather related set-backs.  This pushes the proposed completion date to sometime in February 2019.  You should start to see significant progress in the weeks ahead as the building will start coming up out of the ground and roof replacement commences.  The prospect of where we will be a year from now is exciting.

Finally, last month, the Parish Council elected new officers.  Thanks to Don Mosbey who completed two terms as Parish Council Chair, Sylvia Groves how spent her last year on the council as Vice Chair, and Jill Swiz who spent her last year on the council as Secretary.  We congratulate newly elected officers: Janet Davis, Chair; Bob Moffett, Vice Chair, and Don Mosbey as Secretary.

Christ’s peace,

Fr. Bernie