A Message from Father Bernie

Dear Friends,

     This weekend, we kick-off the “Stewards of God’s Grace” Capital Campaign.  This is a joint Campaign between the Diocese of Evansville and the parishes of our diocese.  Holy Rosary has been given a goal of $1.7 million.  We will retain half of the proceeds to help us complete our ongoing building project.  If we are successful with this campaign, we will be breaking ground in April on the parish gathering space which will connect the church, school and parish office buildings.  We will also be building the Nativity Day Chapel that will seat 75 people.  This will become our site for weekday Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, small funerals and weddings, Children’s Liturgy of the Word and many other prayer functions…… Over the next few days, almost 1,500 households in our parish will be receiving an information packet with a cover letter, campaign brochure and for most families a pledge card.  Please take the time to open the packet and familiarize yourself with its content.  Next weekend, we will have an opportunity to view a brief video about the campaign.  Please continue to pray for the success of our campaign. 

Christ’s peace,

Fr. Bernie