A Message from Father Bernie

Dear Friends,

   As I grow older, I find myself making life changes trying to find some “physical edge”.  Part of that is a commitment to walk 10,000 steps a day.  To that end, I now park at the far reach of parking lots when I go to hospitals, shopping, restaurants or events.  It occurred to me, those of us who are capable to do so could benefit by doing the same when we come to church.  Probably more importantly, it would make available the near parking spaces for those who may be less capable of walking longer distances.  Give it a try.

   And while on the subject of parking for Church, let’s put to rest the rumor that has been circulating.  No, Holy Rosary does not own the former Raben Tire property to our north.  As attractive as that prospect might appear, a soft estimate places that acquisition and upgrade at about $10,000 per parking space.  Unless some substantial bequest surfaces for the purchase, I do not foresee Holy Rosary making that move.

Christ’s peace,

Fr. Bernie